Sales Policy

Our available litters of Holland lop bunnies will be posted to the "Bunnies to Adopt" page when the kits are no more than three weeks old. Once posted, the kits in that litter will be available for reservation at four weeks old after their genders can be accurately determined.


In order to reserve a bunny, full payment is due. There will be no refunds once a bunny is reserved, and there is no transferring a reservation to a different bunny. If a reserved bunny is injured or ill in our care, we will replace it with the next available bunny that is the most similar. 

After they are reserved, our bunnies can be picked up at six weeks of age. We do not facilitate shipping of our bunnies, but we allow a third party shipper to pick them up as long as it is arranged by the buyer. 

The available bunny biographies on the "Bunnies to Adopt" page are simply our most accurate assessments and predictions for the bunnies at the time. We do not guarantee their temperament, mature weight, or show quality. 

Every bunny that leaves our care is perfectly healthy at the time they are picked up. We will not sell a bunny that is compromised in any way. We cannot control what happens after the bunny leaves our care, and as such, we cannot guarantee the health of that bunny after it is picked up.