We adopted two of the sweetest baby bunnies from Sapphire Steed Rabbitry and couldn’t be happier. Sapphire even brought the baby sisters to our house since we were having car issues, and they arrived happy and curious. They have been such a happy addition to our family and we’re looking forward to many years together. Thank you Sapphire!

- Cherry



After finding Sapphire Steed when looking for a holland lop, I was thrilled to find out I had just gotten the sweetest, most quality holland lop out there. My boy Hades is absolutely precious, and I’d absolutely buy again! Her service was very professional, and she went out of her way to ensure I had the best chance with my new bunny as possible. She knew my current rabbit had gotten bit, so she made sure that she gave me the best chance for a great bond, since it was my greatest worry. Hercules and Hades are now inseparable and I know it has to do with her high quality care for the bunnies prior to leaving for their new homes. I greatly appreciate all her help she gave and care she showed even after I brought home my new bundle of fur. It shows she truly cares, which is in my opinion the most important part of breeding. 


- Sarena F.



We are very happy with our Holland Lop from Sapphire Steed Rabbitry. She is super healthy and smart! Since the rabbitry holds their bunnies from birth to make them great pets, she does well with kids and loves being snuggled and petted. The rabbitry also introduced her to litter training, so litter training was a quick and easy process once she came home with us. My family and I highly recommend Sapphire Steed Rabbitry and hope to add more bunnies to our family in the future! 


- The Duran family in Goodyear, AZ 😊



I was looking for a female bunny for my daughter when I found the perfect doe for her. My daughter's bunny is so affectionate, and gets along great with our other bunny. Thank you Sapphire Steed for our addition to our family. We love our doe. 


- Syrina



We adopted our Holland lop bunny from Sapphire Steed Rabbitry. She’s such an adorable addition to our family. The breeder, Sapphire, is taking good care of her bunnies, not only our bunny looks healthy and energetic, but also Sapphire is patient and made sure our rabbit care questions were answered. I’d recommend any families who consider adopting bunnies to get in touch with Sapphire! ​

- Tim