Our Bucks


Archie is our sable point buck. He has nearly perfect conformation with a large, round head, short ears, a well-developed crown, and short, thick bone. His babies frequently inherit these traits and are potential show quality Holland lops.



Jasper is our black and orange harlequin buck. His coat pattern is gorgeous, and he has the ideal split-color face that is sought after in harlequins. He is also one of the sweetest bunnies we have and is extremely affectionate.


Midnight is our solid black buck. He is the tidiest buck we have and uses his litter box perfectly. He is such a happy bunny and loves to play.

FullSizeRender 8.jpeg


Sterling is our solid blue buck. He is so calm and acts like a ragdoll whenever he is handled. He is such a sweetheart and should produce some amazing babies once he matures.


Teddy is our broken orange buck. He is Archie and Veronica's son, and his conformation is great! Even as a tiny kit, it was apparent that he had short ears, short bone, and a round, thick head matching the breed standards.