Sapphire Steed Rabbitry breeds Holland lop rabbits and is registered through the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA). We are currently located in Tucson, Arizona.

Our Holland lop bunnies are incredibly sweet and loving pets. We socialize them from the day they are born so they love human attention. They are very accustomed to being held and pet, and they are extremely affectionate. 

In addition to their charming personalities, our bunnies are also exceptionally beautiful. We produce blues, lilacs, chocolates, black torts, sable points, harlequins, magpies, tricolors, rare blue-eyed Vienna marked bunnies, and more!

Check out our "Bunnies to Adopt" page for current and future Holland lop bunnies that are available for reservation. To reserve a bunny, click the "Reserve" button underneath that bunny. Full payment will be due in order to reserve. The bunny can then be picked up on the designated date listed above the litter.